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1ars2005yahya sanyor
$> mysqladmin -p create videodb
$> mysql -p videodb < /var/www/videodb/doc/createtables.sql
2feedcreator.class.phpyahya sanyor
The documentation is now maintained in the [[wiki:DokuWiki]] at [[http://www.splitbrain.org/dokuwiki/vdb:videodb|http://www.splitbrain.org/dokuwiki/vdb:videodb]]

Please contribute to the VideoDB project by improving the documentation.

* [[vdb:Features]]
* [[vdb:Installation]]
* [[vdb:Usage]]
* [[vdb:Editing]]
* [[vdb:Datagathering|Data Gathering]]
* [[vdb:Borrow Management]]
* [[vdb:Multiuser]]
* [[vdb:XML]]
* [[vdb:contrib|Contributed Tools]]
* [[vdb:Development]]
* [[vdb:Team]]
* [[vdb:FAQ]]
* [[vdb:KnownBugs|Known Issues]]
* [[vdb:Feedback]]
3PHP Code Snippetdayana patel
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