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wbmtranslator 0.7.3 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2014-07-31 07:29   -   wbmtranslator
* Updated German translation (Raymond Vetter).
* Updated "".
* Increased "send translation" combobox.
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wbmtranslator 0.7.2 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2013-01-04 04:07   -   wbmtranslator
* Fixed translation console encoding.
* Fixed a bug with core Webmin translations.
* Removed Google translation console and replaced it with Reverso.
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wbmtranslator 0.7.1 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2009-12-25 18:29   -   wbmtranslator
- Fixed a problem with UTF-8 detection. Now all languages appear in lists, and UTF-8 translation can be managed.
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wbmtranslator 0.7 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2009-12-06 19:37   -   wbmtranslator
- Added support for themes translation.
- Added support for translation of long description.
- Added "trans_webmin" and "trans_working_path" option in a new "line_global" section to avoid buggy themes that were not display them in the configuration page.
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wbmtranslator 0.6.3 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2008-03-29 12:01   -   wbmtranslator
* Google translation console:
- Fixed a lot of encoding problems.
- Added new languages (Greek and Dutch)
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wbmtranslator-0.6.2 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2007-10-06 11:59   -   wbmtranslator
* Fixed a problem with the "Google translation console". It works again now :-) Added new languages.
* Fixed a problem's assumption with module name.
* Updated webmin and Usermin core modules list.
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wbmtranslator 0.6.1 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2006-05-23 05:45   -   wbmtranslator
* Translations archives:
- Do not send hidden files/directories anymore.
- Now "help/" directory content is taken in account.
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wbmtranslator 0.6.0 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2005-05-19 06:31   -   wbmtranslator
* Bug #431 (Automatic check for new strings fails for webmin-core) should be fixed now.
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wbmtranslator 0.6rc3 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2005-02-01 05:09   -   wbmtranslator
* Fixed a problem with "lang/" and "ulang/" with Usermin translation. When there is no "ulang/" we translate "lang/".
* Bug #404 (Bad face and a full translation) should be fixed now. Some other bugs should have been fixed here. Please delete the wbmtranslator working file, or at least rebuild all fingerprints you need.
* Bug #403 (Bug in tarring ...) should be fixed now.
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wbmtranslator now on Webmin Third Party Module
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2004-11-03 18:19   -   wbmtranslator
wbmtranslator is now available on the Webmin Third Party Modules web site:
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