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wbmtrustees is now entirly hosted on LE Labs
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2004-05-15 12:35   -   wbmtrustees
CVS and all other tools have been moved from savannah to LE Labs. Please update your bookmarks.
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wbmtrustees-0.1.3 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2004-04-20 10:48   -   wbmtrustees
Correction of a nasty bug in hash sort function that was sometime preventing wbmtrustees to find the right device for a given system path (thanks to Taan Lindemans). Restrictive "os_support" tag was removed from "", so wbmtrustees can be installed on other distro that debian :-)
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wbmtrustees-0.1.2 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2003-09-15 05:33   -   wbmtrustees
Cedric Musso <> now manage the english translation of the help. Removing buttons from the right panel to prevent use of javascript (so this module can be manage with text browsers like w3m...).
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wbmtrustees-0.1.1 released
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2003-09-07 20:01   -   wbmtrustees
Groups and users in combo boxes are now cached and alphabetically sorted. Added "title" attribute on HTML items to explain signification of rights and modificators attributes in tooltip mode. Debugging and enhancements.
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First public release of Linux Trustees Webmin module
    Emmanuel Saracco - 2003-09-06 13:48   -   wbmtrustees
This first release should be ok. Feel free to report bugs :-)
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