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Release Name: 0.7.15 (unstable)


WARNING: You must delete manually your old ""~/.gurlchecker" directory in order to test this new unstable release. If not, it will crash on loading your old projects.


Removed ".es" in debian package name. Now there is only one debian package (built with GNU TLS support). Replaced glib "GPid" type by "gint" because some people have trouble with their glib version ("GPid" not defined). Removed "Proxy" and "Browser" choices in preferences dialog (it was just a shortcut for global gnome settings). Added/Updated some macros for widgets management. Updated "gethostbyname" section in "connect_thread ()". A lot of fixes in HTTPS URIs management. Fixed a bug relative to local files in stylesheet parser. Also fixed a bug in local image file check. Removed OpenSSL dependencie. We now use GNU TLS instead. Updated licenses to remove OpenSSL specific text. Added a FAQ.

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