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Release Name: 0.12

Please, edit gurlchecker settings after upgrading.
* Bookmarks check:

	- Added check for Firefox bookmarks (sqlite3 database support).
	- Added massive delete of all bad links.
	- Ask confirmation before deleting a link.
	- Fixed a problem with local file detection.

* Export:

	- Added CSV export.

* Network:

	- Rewrote connect_thread() method to avoid use of deprecated gethostbyname() function. By the way, it made network management far much stable.
	- Fixed HTTP header detection with SSL mode.

* GUI:

	- All extensions can now be managed by user in settings dialog.
	- Display filters are now cumulative.
	- Added a FILE protocol filter.
	- Force all dialogs to be centered.
	- Some work on libglade new XML.
	- Some main treeview popup fixes.
	- Fixed problems with links refresh.
	- Fixed a problem with main window reactivation after a scan suspend.
	- Better management when gurlchecker have been built without SSL support.
	- Fixed a problem with software license in about dialog.
* URL parser:

	- Fixed a problem with HTTP location and HTML META refresh.
	- Speed optimization.

* Security check:

	- Security check is now available for bookmarks projects too.

* Cookies:

	- Fixed logic and GUI problems.

* Other:

	- A huge number of memory leaks fixes.
	- Code cleaning.

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