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Release Name: 0.3.0


Before installing this new release, remove previous release, stop webmin, then remove webmin cache directory (normally /etc/webmin/clamav) and restart webmin.


Updated module's configuration file. Removed the os_support line in to be more flexible. Correction of bug #100 (Remove hard dependency with AMaViS): we now automatically detect the existence of a "amavis-inject" script on the server; if not present, we use our own copy of this perl script (which is in the ./bin/ directory of this module). Correction of bug #101 (Remove hard dependency with rsmtp): we now automatically detect the MTA to use; for the moment we support "exim", "sendmail" and "postfix". Correction of bug #108 (Better errors handling). Correction of a bug that prevented falses positives emails from being resent. Task #102 (Add viruses database search section) is now ok. Task #103 (Add viruses signatures creation section) is now ok.

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