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Release Name: 0.8.0



* Zombies: - Menu reorganization. - Added a "Control center". It is now possible to ping hosts with the zombie (so you can bypass firewall etc.). For the moment hosts must have port 80 open to appear alive. - Fixed some bad display logic with javascript code. - Added "Delete" menu. - Added "Reset" and "Add separator" menu to keylogger viewer. - Very first steps for "Zombies" management (based on BeEF ideas). * Other: - Better safe mode handling. - Better recursive idirectory deletion. - Launcher code cleaning. - Some README/INSTALL update. - Now the use of the "launcher.html" file is required to open PRS shell. All GET access will result on a "404 Not Found" HTTP error. Just open this file with your Web browser and click the "Launch" button.

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