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Release Name: 0.7.0


* Encryption:

	  - PRS is now able to encrypt/decrypt itself on request. What you
	    have to do is just encrypt it with a secret key (using tools
	    available in the "encryption/" directory), put the encrypted
	    file on a remote server and request it by passing it your secret 
	    key using HTML POST method (see the "post.html" file). It is
	    a ugly/lame/experimental feature, so take it as a PoC and play
	    with it :-) Do not hesitate to send me ideas or patches!

* Self-recovery:

	  - PRS can now host itself in another PHP script on the server to
	    be able to self-restore itself at script execution time. Noisy
	    game though, so think twice before playing it :-)

* Crontab:

	  - Added crontab management when available.

* PHP:

	  - Now take in account "open_basedir" PHP configuration variable.
	  - PHP Exec* functions wrapper debug and optimization.

* Other:

	   - Now take in account the safe mode's variable "safe_mode_exec_dir".
	   - Added some information at the page top (exec method, FS
	     exploration method, PHP safe mode, storage method (cookies/script)).
	   - Again some fixes for runtime magic quotes.
	   - Some file size calculation fixes (when "filesize()" function is
	  - Code cleaning.

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