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Release Name: 0.6.0


* Popups:

          - Fixed a problem on popup closure with IE.

* PHP:

          - Fixed a problem with magic quotes.

* Menus:

          - Added a "Remove me!" menu item. It just remove the prs.php script
            from the server.

* File browser:

          - Better download handling in safe mode.
          - It is now possible to force file edition, even if PRS think that
            it can not be viewed.
          - Fixed a problem with directories deletion when "opendir()"
            function is not available (use "glob()" instead).
          - Better browse mode detection management.
          - Added bookmarks management for directory location.
          - It is now possible to visualize images found on the server.
          - Try to use "glob()" if "opendir()"/"readdir()" or "ls" system
            command are not available.
          - A lot of improvments on directories/files display.
          - Fixed a problem with sticky directories.
          - Fixed a problem with recursive directories deletion.
          - Fixed a problem with especially crafted directories names.
          - Added "Create directory" menu. User can now create directories.
          - Files with appropriate rights can be fully edited. PRS will try to
            preserve original timestamp if Web user is the same as file owner.

* Other:

          - Fixed problem with HTML output.
          - When in safe mode, we try to display "phpinfo()" output in the
            "Remote information" section.
          - Code cleaning.

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