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Release Name: 0.8.0



* Global settings section: - Now use the "clamconf" utility when available to check clamav/freshclam configuration before restarting clamav. * Other: - Updated for new clamav 0.90.1. Old versions of ClamAV are not supported anymore. - Added the following clamav options: AlgorithmicDetection ScanELF ScanPDF MailMaxRecursion PhishingSignatures PhishingScanURLs PhishingRestrictedScan PhishingAlwaysBlockSSLMismatch PhishingAlwaysBlockCloak NodalCoreAcceleration - Removed the following clamav options: DisableDefaultScanOptions ScanRAR ClamukoScanArchive - Added the following freshclam options: ScriptedUpdates HTTPUserAgent OnUpdateExecute ConnectTimeout ReceiveTimeout LogVerbose LogFileMaxSize Foreground - Updated some outdated links.

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