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Release Name: 0.6.0



* GUI: - Added special icon for "State" main tree view column when a event occured. - Changes/Alerts tree views enhancement. - Spies menu "View results" item is now active only if something has changed. - Main treeview enhancement. - Added creation date/time, update date/time and last alert date/time - Added spy options update date/time. - Added spy creation date/time. - Fixed a problem with applet panel orientation management. * Spy options: - Added a new option "Content change". It use MD5 to monitor changes on Web pages. * Installation: - Better gconf schemas handling on uninstallation. * Configuration: - Fixed several problems with saving/restoring/displaying gconf parameters. * Packaging: - Removed 'debian/' directory from distribution tarball. * Documentation: - Updated applet help. * Other: - Fixed several logic errors. - Fixed several memory leaks with in XML parser. - Code cleaning.

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