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Release Name: 0.7.0


A lot of changes in this new release. Please backup your data.


* Dependencies: - Added "IO::Socket" dependency. - Added dependencies on 'Getopt::Long', 'IO::File' and 'Net::SMTP' for amavis-inject. * Configuration: - wbmclamav now backup all the system files that it will work with. User can restore them at any moment. - Removed a unused variable. - Added new update method "Manual update". * Quarantine section: - It is now possible to choose to delete/not delete E-Mails after resending them. - Fixed a problem with SMTP host:port. - Code cleaning and debugging for mail resend/delete part. - Task #850 (Quarantine support for Qmail-Scanner) should be ok now. - Some debugging to avoid piping E-Mail in MTA when calling amavis-inject with '-S' option. - Now user can indicate sender, recipient an SMTP to use when resending E-mails from quarantine (task #397). * Viruses database search section: - Updated link to viruspool. * Directories check section: - Some inputs checks and cleaning. * Other: - Much better error handling on some command execution. - Updated uninstall script. - Fixed a problem's assumption with module name (thanks to Tom Sasbrink). - Added a "LeaveTemporaryFiles" clamd option. - Fixed a lot of bugs with BSD systems. - Fixed a problem with amavis-ng detection. - We now rely exclusively on Webmin environment PATH variable to find binaries. please, review your Webmin settings.

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