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Release Name: 0.5.2


Please edit the module configuration before using this new release.


* Updated for new clamav 0.80. Old versions of ClamAV are not supported anymore. * Task #262 (Quarantine listing - Button behavior) is ok now. * Changed "clamav.conf" to "clamd.conf". * Added the following directives for clamd: LogClean, LogVerbose, DisableDefaultScanOptions, ScanPE, DetectBrokenExecutables, ScanOLE, ScanHTML, MailFollowURLs, ArchiveMaxCompressionRatio, ArchiveBlockMax. * Removed the following directives for clamd: LeaveTemporaryFiles, StreamSaveToDisk, ArchiveDetectEncrypted. * Added the following directives for freshclam: DNSDatabaseInfo, LogFacility, Example, DatabaseDirectory, LogSyslog, LogVerbose.

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