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Posted by: Emmanuel Saracco
Date: 2005-02-01 04:35
Summary:wbmclamav 0.6rc1 released

* Updated for new clamav 0.81. Old versions of ClamAV are not supported anymore. Added "ExitOnOOM", "StreamMinPort", "StreamMaxPort" and "AllowSupplementaryGroups". Added possibility to use the new '--move' clamscan option.
* Fixed a problem with quarantine purge. Added dependencie on "File::Find". Please review your quarantine purge configuration and save it again.
* Task #396 (Display informations on Virii and spams count) should be ok now for MailScanner and amavisd-new.
* Task #381 (Quarantined spam does not show on quarantine list) should be ok now.
* Removed Trend-Micro link and added Viruspool.
* Updated Copyright years.

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