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Posted by: ShyaamSundharRajamadamSrinivasan
Date: 2004-11-25 19:04
Summary:Insecurity Vs. InSeF
Project:Infinite Security Framework (InSeF)

This project involves INIFITE security. That is Security which is immeasurable. It does not have the verious restrictions like the other Security Frameworks. This framework involves security to :

-> The Operating System :
It takes control if the system right after Gina does its job.

->Data Security :
Some TSR code takes control of the system in the name of VIRUS programs by using the data in the main memory. This frameowkr prevents that data to be corrupted or eliminates it.

->File security :
The file security is provided by doing the encrypt, decrypt and signing the file. The option is left to the user and the algorithm to be used is randomly deided by the framework.

->Database Security :
This is done to provide security to the dataentry professionals. They need not worry that their data is insecure after using InSeF.

->Browser Security :
This is done in order to provide security certificates to the browser, and interchange them whenever needed amond the various formats of certificate storage, at runtime.

-> Smartcard Security :
Althought the above all listed involves security, we need to provide end-to-end security. Hence, we shall be doing that by providing Smartcard security, right from logging into the network.

->E-commerce Security :
Here we try to secure internet transactions by not only providing pipeline but also by attaching a Tailing bit, which checks for its path or destination. if the packet is at a wrong destination, it self destructs by making every bit to be zero as soon as the packet is opened.

->Bidding Security :
Security in bidding has been going for a long time under many websites like eBay. But we wish to introduce our concept of security where even an eBay professional cannot cheat by leaking out information. We are trying to do this by using Zero-knowledge security at this place.

by this way we are covering most of the essential security features in our framework.

thank you

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Insecurity Vs. InSeF
    ShyaamSundharRajamadamSrinivasan - 2004-11-25 19:04

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