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Posted by: Emmanuel Saracco
Date: 2004-11-04 18:28
Summary:gurlchecker 0.8rc4 (unstable) released

* Task #361 (Display column headers of the URL list) is ok now.
* Removed 2 unused functions:
- uc_application_open_project_resize ()
- uc_application_resize ()
* Fixed a informations display problem with bookmarks projects.
* Fixed a check options problem with local files projects.
* Fixed bug #369 (Problem when URLs only ends with "..").
* Fixed a bug in anchors handling.
* Fixed a problem with "mailto:" pseudo protocol with no E-Mail.
* Fixed a problem in "View online" feature.
* Fixed a huge memory leak! gurlchecker should not eat as much memory as before :-)
* Fixed bug #364 (Problem with URLs decoding/encoding). We are now using code from wget instead of gnet to encode URLs, because libgnet seems to have a bug with latin1 characters.
* Fixed a problem with META refresh tags interpretation.
* Fixed bug #366 (Problem with local files images identification).
* Now local files are identified like "malformed URLs" when user chose to consider them as errors in preferences.
* Now cookies "expires" field should be correctly handled. Need more debugging however.
* Task #360 (Display Page Properties in the Page Information area) is ok now.

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