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Posted by: Emmanuel Saracco
Date: 2004-10-08 08:45
Summary:New patches section

You now will find some important patches for "stable" and "unstable" here:


To search only for gurlchecker "stable" or "unstable" branch patches, choose:

- Group: "stable branch" or "unstable branch", according to your needs

To search only for gurlchecker team's patches (actually: 1), choose:

- Category: officials

To search only for contribs patches (actually: none), choose:

- Category: contributions


New patches will be announced on gurlchecker lists the same way as gurlchecker releases. The subject will now contain:

- gurlchecker release: [RELEASE ANNOUNCE]
- gurlchecker patch: [PATCH ANNOUNCE]


Patch name will always be:

[release number]-[patch number].[description]

example: 0.8rc1-1.bug329

For a given "release number", all available patches must be applied in the "patch number" ordrer.


Hope this will help us to test and debug faster :-)

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