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Posted by: Emmanuel Saracco
Date: 2004-04-30 15:46
Summary:wbmtranslator-0.4.0 released

The module has been renamed "Translation assistant for Webmin-Modules" and is now in "webmin" section. Special thanks to Martin Mewes for translation, support and good advice. Task #120 (tarball creation), #121 (Updating en file with an important notice), #126 (Be more clear for "default" language), #131 (Please change SEND_CHOICE1), #129 (Please hardcode the string IMPORTANT_NOTICE into the module somehow) and #130 (Please change the name in are ok. Correction of bug #123 (Proper use of HTML-Entities) bugs #122 (Confusing entries in "already translated strings" page), #124 (Bug in translation update together with Bug#122) and #127 (MIME::Lite needed). Applied patch #128 on README from Martin Mewes. Added wbmtranslator version plus some project's links on the main page.

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